WASHMAN - Makes your car look as good as new
Giving your car the best cleaning it’s ever had
Maintaining your vehicle clean is safe, fun & affordable
$9 Express Ride Thru Car Wash with Free VacuumsDAY TIME

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Save time, save money, save water, save the rivers & streams and enjoy your sparkling clean car in only 3 minutes!


can do wonder for your car

Protect your vehicle’s paint with the help of our technologically advanced, clear polymer liquid shield ...now with carnauba wax.
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Protect from elements

Don't let elements get the drop on your car

Many environmental elements can damage your car's finish, and be hard to resolve through cleaning. This guide will help you spot them.
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Car Care Tips


Regular washing should continue year-round, no matter the weather. But don’t stop there. Read on for additional tips on what to do. Then read about what to avoid:
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high quality

Washman has washed over 25 788 879 cars, with our 15 location on the west coast! Our patented advanced technology is preferred by major auto manufactures, with soft cloth, biodegradable solutions, and our water treatment process recycles 100% of our water, and helps keep our oceans clean!

Our environmentally friendly wash, saves time, saves money, saves water, and save our rivers and oceans, while you are enjoy your sparkling clean car in only 3 minutes!

Our $10 Advanced Wash, $13 Premium Wash and $15 Ultimate Car Wash packages comes with our free self-services vacuums. We also offer Unlimited Monthly Wash Club Memberships for as low as $29.99. Car Wash Gift Cards are available, when you buy 4 wash packages - you get one free! We can wash vehicles up to 94" high, with 13" wide tires.

Our guarantee is simple. You must be satisfied or we'll rewash your car for FREE!

World’s first "Cosmic Car Wash" from sundown to Closing. With over 200,000 LED lights, black lights, lasers, music, live video feed on our web site, and more!

Ultimate Wash $15
Free 5 minute vacuums & handheld dryer
Premium Wash $13
Free 5 minute vacuums & handheld dryer
Advanced Wash $10
Free 5 minute vacuums & handheld dryer


So excited Washman is in San Diego!!! The best car wash that I've been to yet and I hope they open up more locations. It's an exterior express wash and I'm in and out in a few minutes...
Ami A.
I am legitimately excited about this carwash. I got the monthly pass last week and have already washed my car twice. It's fast, and my car comes out clean. The people who work there are extremely friendly and helpful...
Jessica "Tica" L.
Just tried the fancy new car wash on the corner of Denver and Clairmount Dr. The Washman has great prices. I paid $6.00 for the basic car wash. My came out really clean and free of water spots when it dried...
Guadalupe R.