The Right Thing for the community

As employers and good neighbors in the communities where we do business, we're pleased to help schools and local groups with fundraising efforts. It's easy: We provide car washes at special discount prices; your organization provides the energy, and you keep the profits! Just as important, our programs are sure to be environmentally friendlier than the parking lot car wash events you may have relied on in the past. How?

Unfortunately, such events vastly increase the bio-hazards posed by washing a single vehicle in a home driveway.

They do this by carrying polluted runoff directly into the storm drains found in parking lots, sidewalk gutters and other outdoor locations. These drains, rather than connect to city water treatment facilities, feed straight into local bodies of water. At Washman Car Washes, on the other hand, the water we use is reclaimed, with the excess diverted to the water treatment facility where it can be safely treated. Call us at (619) 458 9040. We'll help you design your event, meet with your organization, and we'll personally deliver the wash cards.

Especially for schools and sports teams…

If you're a school principal, faculty member, district official or volunteer organizer for a local youth sports fundraising committee, call us for a free in-person consultation.

Discount Prices For Fundraising:

Washman Advanced Wash: $5 each for 54 or more regular $8 each
Washman Premium Wash: $7 each, for 54 or more, regular $9 each
Washman Ultimate Wash: $10 each, for 54 or more, regular $12 each
Please call (619) 458 9040 for more details

Washes purchased at discount for charity fundraising must be resold at established retail prices. All fundraising orders must be purchased through the main office at (619) 458 9040 or online.

Car Wash Discount Cards

Each card contains 5 washes, with your choice of Advanced Wash, Premium Wash or Ultimate Wash. Only the size of a credit card, they're great for people needing to track automotive expenses… or for anyone looking for a great deal. The cards fit easily in wallet, purse or above the sun visor. You can buy car wash cards online only

Discount card pricing:
Washman Advanced Wash Discount Card Buy 4 washes for $32, GET THE 5TH WASH FREE
Washman Premium Wash Discount Card Buy 4 washes for $40, GET THE 5TH WASH FREE
Washman Ultimate Wash Discount Card Buy 4 washes for $48, GET THE 5TH WASH FREE
Please Call (619) 458 9040 for more details.

Fleet & Volume Discount

54+ Volume Discount Pricing

If you’re responsible for managing government agency vehicles, or if you operate a limo or taxi service, or if you continually drive customers to view properties, “do lunch”, or pick up and drop off at the airport, here’s the most affordable way to keep your vehicles looking sharp at all times, while reducing operating overhead. Or, if you or your group wish to raise funds or simply save money, buying Washman Car Washes in quantities of 100 or more is a great way to go.

Schools, clubs and community groups: Sell discount washes at retail value to raise cash for trips, teams, special events or other worthy causes.

Everyone else: Farsighted drivers can come out ahead by stocking up in advance and saving all year round. And there’s no faster, safer, handier way to wash your car.

Fleet & Volume Discount Pricing

Washman Advanced Wash: $5.00 ea. for 54 or more (Save $200!)
Washman Premium Wash: $7.00 ea. for 54 or more (Save $200!)
Washman Ultimate Wash: $10.00ea. For 54 or more (Save $200!)

Washes may also be purchased in quantities of less than 100 on line, if you buy 4 washes your get one free!. Contact Us (619) 458 9040 for special pricing on orders of 500 washes or more.

Employment Opportunities

Washman offers many openings for high-energy, self-motivated men and women to enjoy the satisfaction of helping customers maintain the value and appearance of their vehicles in the safest, most effective way possible.

Our company has been in business for more than 20 years, and most of our senior management started as hourly employees at our car washes. So, for those seeking long-term career growth, as well as applicants pursuing shorter term goals, working at Washman can be a great way to grow!


If you have experience supervising people and handling responsibility in a customer service environment, we want you!


If you enjoy healthy activity and daily interaction with other people in a friendly, dynamic workplace, Washman offers a variety of full-time positions.


You must be 18 and older to work at Washman. We offer competitive salaries, vacations, health insurance and other benefits.

Apply now:

Call (610) 458 9040 ask for Ben Recruiting Manager